• <h3>Insurance Man</h3><h4>The german "Wolf of Wall Street"</h4>
  • <h3>Nairobi Half Life</h3><h4>Africa's most successful film</h4>

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With KINO ON DEMAND cinemas offer a curated VOD program on their websites in addition to their program on the big screen. New films and classics for home cinema viewing in line with the theatre’s individual program profile. The theatre becomes an allround provider of film program for its local audiences.

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Insurance Man

A film by Klaus Stern

„The spectacular documentary offers a direct glimpse into the Darkroom of the German insurance industry.... Outstanding!“


In 2009, Mehmet Göker’s MEG AG was Germany’s second-largest health insurance brokerage. His aim was to become the world’s most important finance broker. But things did not work out that way. The story of Mehmet Göker, absolute ruler of an insurance empire that works like a sect. A profound look at the modern financial and working world.

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Nairobi Half Life

Directed by Tosh Gitonga

„NHL is not a social-critical bang for Arthouse purists, but also offers entertainment.“

Hans Meier, MhZB

Produced by Tom Tykwer and awarded at numerous festivals, NHL stands for a new authentic and confidential african cinema.

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Pedal the World

A film by Felix Starck

„The Hidden Champions in cinema still exist, the ones who reach quite a big audience without a big name or the support of a big distributor.“


18.000 kilometers, 365 days and 22 countries – on his bike Felix Starck crosses the world for one year and captures his experiences with the camera. With almost 150.000 admissions in German cinemas PEDAL THE WORLD is the most successful documentary in 2015.

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